Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taxi Rides to the Hospital would be free

This morning as I am getting ready to go to the hospital (truly - and in reality) I realized that my husband can't take me on the plane from our island to the mainland - because someone has to stay home and watch our daughter.
Bill Gates just called and said he's been reading my blog He said I wouldn't have to worry about who is going to watch my daughter while I head off to this surgery.

In fact - I would have my own private room - my own private jet charter --- and I could house my family in a nice apartment condo while I am recovering.

He said I only needed to look out my window and there he would be - because he was standing outside on my glacier-like driveway in his private limo that he shipped up on his private yacht.

He said I could fly on his private jet plane... Just how awesome is that?

And he said while I was in the hospital - my family could hang out in Anchorage and totally have fun at all the cool places to visit.

They could dine on Taco Bell (because no matter how rich I become, Taco Bell will still be on my menu... something about those cheapie tacos that you can wolf down in two bites - even if you're a dainty female... something about them just tastes so good that you can't even describe it.)

Anyhow - since I am taking his private charter jet - I wouldn't be taking a taxi from the airport on Monday. By myself. And I would be hailing a mini limo.

And in the limo - I would be able to play with all of the buttons - you know... annoy the driver of the limo.

And then I would show up at the hospital with my mini entourage of a family - and I would shuffle my fuzzy slippers down the hallway with a designer flapping dressing gown where my left cheek wouldn't be hanging out.

And I would be able to buy the best pain medication so I could float out of the recovery room in smiles.

The family could afford to visit me - and while I'm unconcious - they could tour Anchorage's Mall - and get some fun shopping in, my daughter could get her hair styled into the newest 11 year old fashion. Of course, she could pick up the latest makeup, as well.

And three or four days later - as they let me out of the hospital (provided everything goes alright - and I'm sure it will) - I wouldn't have to get in a taxi alone... onto the airplane alone... and fly all the way back to the island by myself.

I'd get back in that limo - with my family helping me...

And I'd come home... To spend the next week in bed...

Which - of course - since we would have a maid - the house would be clean - when I got home and there would be fresh meals cooked...

And life would be good.

Alright - if anyone is reading this silly dream blog - seriously - wish me well on Tuesday. Monday is Pre-Op... and Tuesday is the surgery.

Hopefully this surgery will be the last of my problems.

And after I recover - I'll be able to keep writing this fun blog.

May you all have a wonderful year.

May your families and friends be blessed by knowing you.


PS. I did want to mention that I am SVR from the HEPC! The chemo for HCV is absolutely nasty and I would never want to do it again. But I am very lucky... I am one of the lucky ones who managed to get sustained virologic response. The surgery I am going for is to remove my ovaries and uterus after they found cysts and tumors on them. And hopefully this will be the last major medical issue in my life. It's possible that the Chemotherapy for HCV caused the tumors to grow - but that's life. I really am packing for the hospital - and IF anyone has questions about either Hepatitis C, the chemotherapy for HCV (Pegasys and Copegus) or the effects - Please feel free to post a reply to this blog and I'll gladly email you once I get back up on my feet.

This blog is for fun - and a way to let a fantasy world ride over my real world.

In real life - I've been very sick - and this has been one relief - in so many ways. But after surgery on the 22nd, I will be better. I'm only 41 and life is just beginning for me. I'll be so much better. I hope... So please hope with me.