Monday, January 4, 2010

It's been almost a year


I realized the last time Bill Gates Visited me and gave me three million dollars was almost over a year ago.

Every time I've seen Bill, and he's given me 3 million dollars, has been when things have been bad in my life... Or when there was almost a real desperate need to be able to hold on to a fantasy.

To believe in the human world - to hold on to that belief. And maybe just to believe in myself.

After a year has passed, I've not forgotten about it - but I've been trying to make my world happen and change for the better.

Some of those days, my world has indeed gotten better... And of course, again, my world, in some ways has gotten worse.

Today Bill is going to visit me so that he will bring me a check to find the best attorneys the world can buy...

Today he will stop by and will stop corruption and evilness - by allowing the attorneys to show the absolute truth. By those attorneys stomping on the evil state and evil law enforcement groups that take away people's lives because they get a taste of power. Because they believe in lies and because they have formed a dirty, nasty, good old boys club.

I know truth - and Bill Gates knows this.

He also knows that if I do not stand up - and I do not fight - then I will be trodden over and the world will become a much darker place - because no one should have been allowed to be treated the way I was.

So Bill will take care of this problem today for me - and he will hand me this three million dollars to fight for justice.

For what is right.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Police Departments would be under investigation for Corruption

Well - I never promised I was an angel.

I've done things that were bad - and sometimes not so nice. But I've NEVER broken a serious law.

However right now I'm under investigation for something I know I did not do.

In fact - due to me being very sick during the time it was supposed to have happened, the probability factor of me being able to do it at all --- would be VERY low.

However - because I work for law enforcement - the local police department has decided that I DID do this thing.

They have broken laws to investigate it - and have infringed on my rights, have humiliated me beyond compare - and have told an average JOE BLOW citizen that I DID commit this horrendous crime.

There are a lot of factors involved - but I am not guilty of the crime - and the original accuser has even admitted that they lied.

I am in shock at the things that the police department has done - and cannot believe that they can do the things they did can even possibly be legal.

#1 - they search warranted my medical records (keep in mind - I am the suspect - and they have no reason to have my medical records)

#2 - They told my work that I was under investigation for this crime - which is a felony - BEFORE they told me I was under investigation - which my work then put me on Administrative Leave... With Pay, of course.

#3 - They exposed confidential information to my ex-husband which should not have been told (I remarried - and the day we got our license at 3:30 pm - the police investigator told my ex-husband at 9:30 that morning --- prior to us even knowing - and prior to the license being signed by the judge - that we had applied and gotten our marriage license - which ---- we had asked the courts for confidentiality.)

#4 - my basement was broken into - and gone through - the padlock was taken. I grow vegetables and have some expensive equipment in my basement. Nothing illegal - remember - I've never broken any major laws... Anyhow if it had been kids - they would have vandalized the basement or stolen the equipment. Now - I think they search warranted it but because there was nothing illegal in there - they left - and did not mention that they were there - because search warrants only need to be left IF they take something... WELL surprise - surprise - something was taken --- the padlock.

#5 - a person who works with a friend of mine - told my friend that I was GUILTY of this crime and a person at the police department had told her this. Hmmmmmmm That's kinda illegal in and of itself.

#6 - they have kept me out of work for over 5 weeks - they shared my private information - regarding my health records, etc. with my current employer - shared the investigation materials - which included the original LIE - and the interviews with those people (which they have since admitted that they lied) --- and when the original person admitted that they lied - they did not close the investigation.

So - if I had three million dollars..........

Bill Gates came to me in a dream - he was laughing and making references to Woody Allen and other things... But he said he knew that CORRUPTION in Police Departments MUST be stopped.

He said that police departments do not have the right to act like the Gestapo. That they do not have the right to break into people's privacy - and use that information improperly.

He then handed me a check for Three Million Dollars and gave me his best defense attorney to go after the City and the State that I live in - to protect myself - and to NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE AGAIN.

If it can happen to me --- and I know I did not do anything wrong --- then --- how many other innocent people are being treated this way?

How many others are being harassed and hurt on a daily basis?

How many others are being treated unfairly ---- I am --- make no mistake - completely innocent of the accusation that has been leveled at me.

So how many others will this corrupt police department be allowed to hurt?

Bill Gates laughed at me - and said "as soon as we are through with this police department, no one else will be hurt. The true criminals will be prosecuted - but the innocent will be left to themselves."

And he left.

I looked at the check for 3 million dollars and I cried.

For the first time in 4 weeks I cried like a baby - because finally someone believes me - and knows too - that I didn't do this --- the accuser knows, I know - and my friends and family and even ex-husband knows --- but others have been told by the authorities --- they obviously openly talk about it to anyone - that I HAVE done this crime --- and Bill Gates believes me.

The three million dollars will be used Wisely to stop this type of corruption and greed --- it will open investigations into their policies and procedures - it will show the world that we, the human beings and good people - will NOT tolerate being treated like animals and scum.

I am not a criminal.

I may not be perfect - but I am not a criminal - and I don't deserve this type of treatment --- and I will create a fund -- for anyone who finds themselves in this type of position --- so that they can speak out against the crimes committed by police departments - the ones that are usually left silent.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taxi Rides to the Hospital would be free

This morning as I am getting ready to go to the hospital (truly - and in reality) I realized that my husband can't take me on the plane from our island to the mainland - because someone has to stay home and watch our daughter.
Bill Gates just called and said he's been reading my blog He said I wouldn't have to worry about who is going to watch my daughter while I head off to this surgery.

In fact - I would have my own private room - my own private jet charter --- and I could house my family in a nice apartment condo while I am recovering.

He said I only needed to look out my window and there he would be - because he was standing outside on my glacier-like driveway in his private limo that he shipped up on his private yacht.

He said I could fly on his private jet plane... Just how awesome is that?

And he said while I was in the hospital - my family could hang out in Anchorage and totally have fun at all the cool places to visit.

They could dine on Taco Bell (because no matter how rich I become, Taco Bell will still be on my menu... something about those cheapie tacos that you can wolf down in two bites - even if you're a dainty female... something about them just tastes so good that you can't even describe it.)

Anyhow - since I am taking his private charter jet - I wouldn't be taking a taxi from the airport on Monday. By myself. And I would be hailing a mini limo.

And in the limo - I would be able to play with all of the buttons - you know... annoy the driver of the limo.

And then I would show up at the hospital with my mini entourage of a family - and I would shuffle my fuzzy slippers down the hallway with a designer flapping dressing gown where my left cheek wouldn't be hanging out.

And I would be able to buy the best pain medication so I could float out of the recovery room in smiles.

The family could afford to visit me - and while I'm unconcious - they could tour Anchorage's Mall - and get some fun shopping in, my daughter could get her hair styled into the newest 11 year old fashion. Of course, she could pick up the latest makeup, as well.

And three or four days later - as they let me out of the hospital (provided everything goes alright - and I'm sure it will) - I wouldn't have to get in a taxi alone... onto the airplane alone... and fly all the way back to the island by myself.

I'd get back in that limo - with my family helping me...

And I'd come home... To spend the next week in bed...

Which - of course - since we would have a maid - the house would be clean - when I got home and there would be fresh meals cooked...

And life would be good.

Alright - if anyone is reading this silly dream blog - seriously - wish me well on Tuesday. Monday is Pre-Op... and Tuesday is the surgery.

Hopefully this surgery will be the last of my problems.

And after I recover - I'll be able to keep writing this fun blog.

May you all have a wonderful year.

May your families and friends be blessed by knowing you.


PS. I did want to mention that I am SVR from the HEPC! The chemo for HCV is absolutely nasty and I would never want to do it again. But I am very lucky... I am one of the lucky ones who managed to get sustained virologic response. The surgery I am going for is to remove my ovaries and uterus after they found cysts and tumors on them. And hopefully this will be the last major medical issue in my life. It's possible that the Chemotherapy for HCV caused the tumors to grow - but that's life. I really am packing for the hospital - and IF anyone has questions about either Hepatitis C, the chemotherapy for HCV (Pegasys and Copegus) or the effects - Please feel free to post a reply to this blog and I'll gladly email you once I get back up on my feet.

This blog is for fun - and a way to let a fantasy world ride over my real world.

In real life - I've been very sick - and this has been one relief - in so many ways. But after surgery on the 22nd, I will be better. I'm only 41 and life is just beginning for me. I'll be so much better. I hope... So please hope with me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bill Gates visited my bed... LOL! OK - not for "THAT"... He gave me 3 million..

Bill Gates came by today to tell me to "get better".

I've been ill for the past couple of days and a little birdy told him to stop by.

And the kids opened the door and let him in.

Me - I think it would have been nicer if he had called in advance, I could have at least taken a shower. But I had enough strength to sit up and fluff my pillows a bit.

He told me that he wanted me to use this three million dollars any way I wanted to and simply left.

Odd fellow, that Bill Gates. Just trotting into my house and plopping down that kind of money like it's pocket change. I suppose he didn't want to catch anything virulently horrid. But he should know that Hepatitis C isn't contagious. Sigh. Sometimes you'd think one of the smartest people on earth would at least read up a little bit on diseases. But like most people, I suppose, HepC is not that well understood.

So he up and left and now I've got a lot of money to spend.

Goodness knows how I'm actually going to do it.

It's one thing to fantasize about spending money. But when it's actually in your hands what do you really want to do with it?


I think since my truck just broke down and my poor husband has been footing the bills lately and trying to keep up with the housework, since I just don't have the energy anymore or even the will power... Sheesh you should see the house... piles of junk everywhere, I'm beginning to think that my husband is a massive packrat. LOL! But I think... I think... That I'm going to just move the family --- it will be so much easier than cleaning.

I think I will find us a nice cozy ranch house - and buy both the kids decent cars. Nothing sporty or too expensive, you know they will just run them down. But something that will hold some value.

And I think I will put a little fund together for both of them.

Then I will buy myself a nice car. nothing fancy. Just something that won't break down in the next few weeks.

Seriously - I just bought (well.. ok the truck broke down and the hubby decided I needed a new car because he doesn't want me walking late at night with the bears here, so... he bought me a new Chevy HHR.) a new car.... So I'll probably have to give that new car away.

I'll pay off the bills - and put a good chunk of one million into some retirement investments.

I'm not sure exactly what - but since Bill Gates was such a nice guy, I'll make sure I buy some stock in his big company. Doesn't seem like he's done too terribly bad with it.

And then I'll just relax and write stories... I've always wanted to be a writer. You know... A published writer, artist, lyricist. I really do write. I may not have a college education, but I can write.

Words just seem to tumble out of me - that is, when I can function - and I'm not sicker than a dog.

But I think I'll buy myself a few good laptop computers - and some programs to keep me rolling with the writing and the graphic art work that I do.

And I'll go see a few more doctors. Not the ones the insurance company make me see - but some good ones. Maybe one that might know a lot about this disease and specializes in making the person feel better. Instead of just treating the disease - treat the side effects too - from the medication.

And then I'll just live life.

That sounds pretty darn good.

And now that he's left the house - I think I'll take a little nap.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bill Gates Visited me at Work today..

As I was talking on the phone - today, Bill Gates came in and visited me.

I had been researching him online and he wanted to know why I was so interested in him. He felt like perhaps I may be a stalker - until I explained to him about my blog. And he listened patiently - nodding at all the appropriate times.

I, of course, explained that this entire blog, excepting items about my personal life are all fantasy. The rest - like meeting him - him giving me three million dollars... those things are just dreams that make my imagination soar - keeping me alive with inventions and ideas. Not to impress him... but to impress myself.

He looks at me a bit strangely and Bill Gates nods his head slightly and one of his body guards steps forward with a briefcase. Inside the briefcase are stacked 100.00 bills... Just like in the movies.

Bill Gates tells me that if I had said I expected him to give me the money he would have shook my hand and left - but that instead, because I had told him that I was just exercising my imagination - he had decided to pay me to see which of the fantasies I truly followed.

Needless to say - my jaw hit the floor.

I mean - who in their right mind would read a blog full of nonsensical items and actually pay attention to it?

Well... I'm here to tell you.... Bill Gates would.

I still don't know which of my fantasies to follow through on. And I have so many more...

I'm going to ponder on this fantasy for awhile...

Meanwhile - back to work I go.

Tonight I'm tired... So Bill Gates - your donation will get me a fluffy bed... without feathers mind you.

Bill Gates, I'm sorry - my imagination isn't running wild right now with the thoughts of you handing me that three million dollars.

I mean - I'd probably just buy myself one of those sleep by numbers beds and curl up in it for a few days... Dreaming... about having energy.

Have you ever had a night where when you slept - you felt more tired that before you actually fell asleep? Well folks, that's me on an hourly basis.

I feel tired... Worn out. Old.

But that Sleep by numbers bed sounds nice.

I know I'm only 4o - but my poor body has been through the ringer the last 8 months. So I'm going to toddle off to my bed...

And you know that thing about dark energy?

Trust me... It's my secret. I may never sell it --- I may never tell anyone about it...

But it's logical.

And somewhere in my distant past before I became a run away... I was labeled a genius. I may not be college educated - but I have a fantastic imagination. And I may not know everything in the world. But I know enough to be logical.

And yeah ---- one day ---- when we're all old.... older than 40, that is.... Someone will remember they read my words (as if anyone is truly reading this - ha ha)... and they WILL remember something about what I said...

And they --- and they alone --- will know that I could have saved the world... LMAO!

How funny.

Anyhow - some of what I say is serious... Things about me. Brutally honest. My fantasies about Bill Gates handing me 3 million bucks... Well --- we can all dream... And you know... Dark Energy... Well - it's logical... and it is... truly is... something I thought up and believe could work - I just don't have the scientific background or labs to make it work. But the Theory... well that's mine.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bill Gates just handed me three Million Dollars... Today's Fantasy

Bill Gates just walked into my work, introduced himself and said I was worthy of 3 million dollars. He handed me a check, signed by him (and about 4 other bank representatives).

He had a police escort, and men walking around with little microphones on their wrists - and funny ear pieces on. Those men were wearing dark sunglasses and dark suits.

I kept thinking they better not try to come to the house, wearing all that Armani stuff, because I'll tell you what... Their suits would be covered in white German Shepherd hair.

All of the customers at the store in front of my work stood around and cheered as I held the check. As if some hand of God had just descended upon me.

Do you know how many times my cell phone rang? I mean - news travels fast in a small town, but this is ridiculous...

So Bill Gates hands me this money and I'm thinking, WOW... I've been a good mother, a decent wife... A lousy housekeeper... a great cook... a semi decent employee, but I'm nobody special. Why me? And he told me because one of my ideas... About Dark Energy... was going to make me... and HIM rich.

He also told me I was a fantastic writer - and this three million was just the beginning of what I was going to see in my life. And he shook my hand again and invited me to join him in New York.

Now, I've only been to the outskirts of New York. But when someone asks me to New York, I'm thinking the City.... right? So I say... Give me a few moments. I've got some responsibilities to take care of.

I call my boss and explain that I'm about ready to get very ill. (They're used to this... I've been on chemo for awhile - and still having some of the massive side effects.) But I tell him, this is kind of a permanent ill. And that I'll probably not be back any time soon. However, I tell him that I will assist in drawing up the schematics of my never-ending job. And I pass the phones over to the local PD.

I grab my worn out jacket - because even in mid-spring, it's still a bit chilly in the air. And my huge purse that really has nothing in it but trash and makeup. But it's my trash and makeup. I'm a little disorganized. Call it adult ADHD. Call it whatever you want. But I'm unmedicated - and unfocused - unless something keeps my attention.

I take a last look at my prison cell of a job - that has been thankless - other than the fact that I know I have made a difference in people's lives. Because while I may be a prolific writer - I'm not very good at presenting myself to others. Maybe it's a social phobia - or maybe because I'm just too freaking honest - and I mean what I say --- not what you think I mean... but what I say...

I have however helped people to live - saved property - saved lives, comforted those who have had those they loved die... and I have upheld the laws of the land. Thanklessly.

So Bill Gates stands there patiently as I look back at the bleak office space through the glass window... And he drives me to the airport - where my family is already there, excited to see me.

We get on this incredible jet plane. Hell I don't even know what kind of plane it is, but there are comfortable chairs that recline into beds and televisions - a full bar, computers and everything you could imagine. There's enough room to walk around --- and the bathroom - Oh my goodness, you should see it! It has amazing buttons that my daughter, who is 10, has become intimately fascinated with. I leave her in there, because it stops all the questions.

And Bill Gates turns to me with a bemused smile on his face, as I wipe the leftover cheeto stains on my worn out jeans. And he asks me how I came up with the concept of Dark Energy.

And I said simple. Yin and Yang. Opposites.

And he kind of smiled at me.

He told me that I would probably become the richest woman in the world, except for his wife. Just for having that idea.

An unlimited power supply source that has no negative impact.

Then he turned a bit serious and asked if I realized how lucky I was to have him understand what it was I was talking about - instead of the government. I looked at him and asked what he was talking about. He said the Government would have taken my idea and thrown me away. Instead Bill Gates had enough pull to make it a private enterprise. And it was a way to save the world.

So - I thought about it. I think Bill Gates just saved my life.

It could happen, you know?

I'm at work, staring at a pile of papers that I know I have to bust a move and do. But the longer they sit there, the larger the pile becomes...