Monday, January 4, 2010

It's been almost a year


I realized the last time Bill Gates Visited me and gave me three million dollars was almost over a year ago.

Every time I've seen Bill, and he's given me 3 million dollars, has been when things have been bad in my life... Or when there was almost a real desperate need to be able to hold on to a fantasy.

To believe in the human world - to hold on to that belief. And maybe just to believe in myself.

After a year has passed, I've not forgotten about it - but I've been trying to make my world happen and change for the better.

Some of those days, my world has indeed gotten better... And of course, again, my world, in some ways has gotten worse.

Today Bill is going to visit me so that he will bring me a check to find the best attorneys the world can buy...

Today he will stop by and will stop corruption and evilness - by allowing the attorneys to show the absolute truth. By those attorneys stomping on the evil state and evil law enforcement groups that take away people's lives because they get a taste of power. Because they believe in lies and because they have formed a dirty, nasty, good old boys club.

I know truth - and Bill Gates knows this.

He also knows that if I do not stand up - and I do not fight - then I will be trodden over and the world will become a much darker place - because no one should have been allowed to be treated the way I was.

So Bill will take care of this problem today for me - and he will hand me this three million dollars to fight for justice.

For what is right.