Friday, January 23, 2009

Police Departments would be under investigation for Corruption

Well - I never promised I was an angel.

I've done things that were bad - and sometimes not so nice. But I've NEVER broken a serious law.

However right now I'm under investigation for something I know I did not do.

In fact - due to me being very sick during the time it was supposed to have happened, the probability factor of me being able to do it at all --- would be VERY low.

However - because I work for law enforcement - the local police department has decided that I DID do this thing.

They have broken laws to investigate it - and have infringed on my rights, have humiliated me beyond compare - and have told an average JOE BLOW citizen that I DID commit this horrendous crime.

There are a lot of factors involved - but I am not guilty of the crime - and the original accuser has even admitted that they lied.

I am in shock at the things that the police department has done - and cannot believe that they can do the things they did can even possibly be legal.

#1 - they search warranted my medical records (keep in mind - I am the suspect - and they have no reason to have my medical records)

#2 - They told my work that I was under investigation for this crime - which is a felony - BEFORE they told me I was under investigation - which my work then put me on Administrative Leave... With Pay, of course.

#3 - They exposed confidential information to my ex-husband which should not have been told (I remarried - and the day we got our license at 3:30 pm - the police investigator told my ex-husband at 9:30 that morning --- prior to us even knowing - and prior to the license being signed by the judge - that we had applied and gotten our marriage license - which ---- we had asked the courts for confidentiality.)

#4 - my basement was broken into - and gone through - the padlock was taken. I grow vegetables and have some expensive equipment in my basement. Nothing illegal - remember - I've never broken any major laws... Anyhow if it had been kids - they would have vandalized the basement or stolen the equipment. Now - I think they search warranted it but because there was nothing illegal in there - they left - and did not mention that they were there - because search warrants only need to be left IF they take something... WELL surprise - surprise - something was taken --- the padlock.

#5 - a person who works with a friend of mine - told my friend that I was GUILTY of this crime and a person at the police department had told her this. Hmmmmmmm That's kinda illegal in and of itself.

#6 - they have kept me out of work for over 5 weeks - they shared my private information - regarding my health records, etc. with my current employer - shared the investigation materials - which included the original LIE - and the interviews with those people (which they have since admitted that they lied) --- and when the original person admitted that they lied - they did not close the investigation.

So - if I had three million dollars..........

Bill Gates came to me in a dream - he was laughing and making references to Woody Allen and other things... But he said he knew that CORRUPTION in Police Departments MUST be stopped.

He said that police departments do not have the right to act like the Gestapo. That they do not have the right to break into people's privacy - and use that information improperly.

He then handed me a check for Three Million Dollars and gave me his best defense attorney to go after the City and the State that I live in - to protect myself - and to NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE AGAIN.

If it can happen to me --- and I know I did not do anything wrong --- then --- how many other innocent people are being treated this way?

How many others are being harassed and hurt on a daily basis?

How many others are being treated unfairly ---- I am --- make no mistake - completely innocent of the accusation that has been leveled at me.

So how many others will this corrupt police department be allowed to hurt?

Bill Gates laughed at me - and said "as soon as we are through with this police department, no one else will be hurt. The true criminals will be prosecuted - but the innocent will be left to themselves."

And he left.

I looked at the check for 3 million dollars and I cried.

For the first time in 4 weeks I cried like a baby - because finally someone believes me - and knows too - that I didn't do this --- the accuser knows, I know - and my friends and family and even ex-husband knows --- but others have been told by the authorities --- they obviously openly talk about it to anyone - that I HAVE done this crime --- and Bill Gates believes me.

The three million dollars will be used Wisely to stop this type of corruption and greed --- it will open investigations into their policies and procedures - it will show the world that we, the human beings and good people - will NOT tolerate being treated like animals and scum.

I am not a criminal.

I may not be perfect - but I am not a criminal - and I don't deserve this type of treatment --- and I will create a fund -- for anyone who finds themselves in this type of position --- so that they can speak out against the crimes committed by police departments - the ones that are usually left silent.