Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bill Gates just handed me three Million Dollars... Today's Fantasy

Bill Gates just walked into my work, introduced himself and said I was worthy of 3 million dollars. He handed me a check, signed by him (and about 4 other bank representatives).

He had a police escort, and men walking around with little microphones on their wrists - and funny ear pieces on. Those men were wearing dark sunglasses and dark suits.

I kept thinking they better not try to come to the house, wearing all that Armani stuff, because I'll tell you what... Their suits would be covered in white German Shepherd hair.

All of the customers at the store in front of my work stood around and cheered as I held the check. As if some hand of God had just descended upon me.

Do you know how many times my cell phone rang? I mean - news travels fast in a small town, but this is ridiculous...

So Bill Gates hands me this money and I'm thinking, WOW... I've been a good mother, a decent wife... A lousy housekeeper... a great cook... a semi decent employee, but I'm nobody special. Why me? And he told me because one of my ideas... About Dark Energy... was going to make me... and HIM rich.

He also told me I was a fantastic writer - and this three million was just the beginning of what I was going to see in my life. And he shook my hand again and invited me to join him in New York.

Now, I've only been to the outskirts of New York. But when someone asks me to New York, I'm thinking the City.... right? So I say... Give me a few moments. I've got some responsibilities to take care of.

I call my boss and explain that I'm about ready to get very ill. (They're used to this... I've been on chemo for awhile - and still having some of the massive side effects.) But I tell him, this is kind of a permanent ill. And that I'll probably not be back any time soon. However, I tell him that I will assist in drawing up the schematics of my never-ending job. And I pass the phones over to the local PD.

I grab my worn out jacket - because even in mid-spring, it's still a bit chilly in the air. And my huge purse that really has nothing in it but trash and makeup. But it's my trash and makeup. I'm a little disorganized. Call it adult ADHD. Call it whatever you want. But I'm unmedicated - and unfocused - unless something keeps my attention.

I take a last look at my prison cell of a job - that has been thankless - other than the fact that I know I have made a difference in people's lives. Because while I may be a prolific writer - I'm not very good at presenting myself to others. Maybe it's a social phobia - or maybe because I'm just too freaking honest - and I mean what I say --- not what you think I mean... but what I say...

I have however helped people to live - saved property - saved lives, comforted those who have had those they loved die... and I have upheld the laws of the land. Thanklessly.

So Bill Gates stands there patiently as I look back at the bleak office space through the glass window... And he drives me to the airport - where my family is already there, excited to see me.

We get on this incredible jet plane. Hell I don't even know what kind of plane it is, but there are comfortable chairs that recline into beds and televisions - a full bar, computers and everything you could imagine. There's enough room to walk around --- and the bathroom - Oh my goodness, you should see it! It has amazing buttons that my daughter, who is 10, has become intimately fascinated with. I leave her in there, because it stops all the questions.

And Bill Gates turns to me with a bemused smile on his face, as I wipe the leftover cheeto stains on my worn out jeans. And he asks me how I came up with the concept of Dark Energy.

And I said simple. Yin and Yang. Opposites.

And he kind of smiled at me.

He told me that I would probably become the richest woman in the world, except for his wife. Just for having that idea.

An unlimited power supply source that has no negative impact.

Then he turned a bit serious and asked if I realized how lucky I was to have him understand what it was I was talking about - instead of the government. I looked at him and asked what he was talking about. He said the Government would have taken my idea and thrown me away. Instead Bill Gates had enough pull to make it a private enterprise. And it was a way to save the world.

So - I thought about it. I think Bill Gates just saved my life.

It could happen, you know?

I'm at work, staring at a pile of papers that I know I have to bust a move and do. But the longer they sit there, the larger the pile becomes...

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