Saturday, May 5, 2007

Today's Three Million Bucks ~ Hepatitis C

I woke up.

I wasn't enrolled in school. I don't have a degree on my wall or a maid cleaning my laundry.

In fact, I have piles of laundry, piles of dishes and the only thing I had the energy to grab to eat was chicken noodle soup in a box and 2 Berries & Cream Dr. Peppers. Rolling through the house, trying desperately to get ready for work, I realize the dog has started shedding.

She's a German Shepherd that we rescued from the pound. She had been severely abused, but has learned to not be so skittish since she's been with us. We're a good family, if somewhat dysfunctional at times.

But we have burgundy carpet. My idiotic idea of what was supposed to look good ---- and not have stains.

Yeah - slap me upside the head for that thought process. Because while it won't show wine stains... It will, however, show every single microscopic speck of dust or hair or fungus... Or whatever it is that is dragged in by the dog, the cat or the kids.

And while stumbling up the stairs, brush in one hand, mascara in the other, lipstick in my teeth to switch out as soon as I get done with the eyes... I realized I'm exhausted. And I don't want to go to work.

But of course, I must.

Now. I know I have a good reason to be exhausted.

I just got off of HepC Chemo treatment.

Yeah. You read that right. I have Hepatitis C.

NO. I am not a druggie. Never was. Never will be.
NO. I am not a prostitute. Never was. Never will be.

We're not exactly sure where I got the HepC from. But I am Type 3a. We think there is a possibility that I contracted it from a shot of Rhogham. But I don't have the money to get a lawyer to go through all the records to find out if anyone else has this type of HepC from those batches of Rhogham. So - in reality - it doesn't matter. But... we're not in reality. We're in my dreams... right? Where Bill Gates is handing me a 3 million dollar check to do what I please with.

I just finished a round of Pegasys and Copegus (the price on that treatment alone was astronomical.) So that's pretty much what I'm exhausted from. The treatment was one of the worst things I've ever done, yet, I'm still alive and I'm supposed to be feeling better. Right? Well, I am an optimist.

I managed to go work - most of the time. I managed to not kill my family - or myself. And I also managed to drop the viral load to a non-existant number, non-detectable. I'm just so damned tired all of the time and have no energy to get up and clean the house.

And yes... I know. I have kids and a husband. But more on them in another post - let's just suffice it to say that my once pristinely clean house, over the period of the last year has become a distinct disaster area ready for condemnation. I mean - it isn't so bad that we have to move instead of cleaning it... although that's a thought. But it is bad enough that I wouldn't invite anyone but my close friends over... and only after I did some cleaning.

Needless to say - not a lot of people have come over recently. *GRIN*

Anyhow - Back to being handed that three million dollar check by Bill Gates.

I think right now, I'd like to take my family on a long vacation. About 2 weeks at Disneyland - San Diego - La Jolla - Coronado... And just relax.

I'm a Theme Park Freak. I love roller coasters and the theme park feel. I always have loved them... They make my senses explode into vibrancy and they give me energy and excitement.

I love beaches too. I might be a bit odd on it - I don't necessarily like getting in the water - but I love being on the beach... and listening to the waves pound on the shore. I love Badmitton and Volleyball on the beach. I love rings of fire - and stories told while listening to the waves. Barbeques - and coolers full of food and cold drinks.

So with this three million - we're going to take a much needed vacation - to some of my favorite spots.

We'll stay in the Hotel Del Coronado and dine at the Chartroom, if it still exists.

We'll stay at nice places - and visit everywhere we desire. Stopping at cafes for tea and lunches with little finger sandwiches.

We'll take a tour over to that little Island and visit the Zoo and Sea World.

And most of all, we'll just enjoy being together.

Maybe do a little shopping at Fashion Valley Mall... If it is still open - if not - we'll hit the downtown malls...

Then we'll come home to regroup and get the kids back in school.

And I'll set up a financial investment plan - so we can be comfortable for a little while.

And I'll donate a half million to The Hepatitis C Foundation.

And I'll go see doctors to take care of my symptoms.

AND - I'll get a maid/butler/chef who will help me keep my house clean, my laundry washed - and cook me healthy, decent foods that taste good.

And I'll get on The Hepatitis C board and find out why so many people know nothing about this disease - and why no one seems to be funding it.

Well, that's today's dream.

I'll have another dream for tonight - to be sure.

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