Saturday, May 5, 2007

Three Million Dollars - Hydroponic Vegetable Farm


I'm at work. And the coffee tastes horrible. And I keep thinking about life in general.

I went to go grab a lunch and I was terribly dissapointed in the lettuce within my meal. It was wilted, sad looking... Unvibrant. (I know... it's not a word. But I made it into one for this blog.)

So that sparked me into another fantasy about Bill Gates, my buddy, handing me three million dollars, free and clear, to do with as I wished...

And it was a good one.

I live in a small town. In a rural area. One that is accessible by plane. An island archipelago. Below the arctic circle, but not by much - in Alaska.

Where I work, I get to see a store from my front window. What I do, is unimportant, at least to me, but I will say that my job involves criminal activity and helping people.

The store that I get to see is one of the few stores in town. It's a conglomerate corporate store. And it does not sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

The store next to it, however does. At astronomical prices. A gallon of milk can go for 7 dollars. 2 pounds of ground beef for 12 dollars. It's quite amazing. But this store, while it does sell fresh fruit and vegetables, the vegetables and fruit aren't necessarily fresh.

The tomatoes have crystals inside them. The Zucchini are bitter and the bananas are always bruised. The lettuce is almost always wilted and the mushrooms are always darkened and already shrinking by the time they make it home.

While the town I live in has absolute beauty - it lacks in the fresh produce area.

So that means there isn't a great lot of nutrition. If you can afford the prices, you don't necessarily want the food - because it isn't of the best quality. It's the stuff California supermarkets would throw away. But, because it is here... we deal with it the best we can.

An average family of four (like mine) spends over 1500.00 a month in food. And that's eating Top Ramen too!

Which is cool - because the beauty of the land makes up for it. The lack of crime makes up for it --- and the pristine quality of life makes up for it... I guess.

But today, Bill Gates hands me three million dollars.

I buy some property just a little back in the woods (which means just down the street) and I build a beautiful Greenhouse that can support Hydroponic Fruit and Vegetables.

I buy all of the Hydroponic Equipment and I start growing the most luscious vegetables.

Sweet beefsteak tomatoes that drip juice and seeds down your arm as you bite into them. Zuchini's as large as a watermelon that you can bake meatloaf inside.

Precious onions and gorgeous mushrooms (which don't need hydroponics, just a little manure, if you will...)

Splendid canteloupes that are succulent with each bite, watermelons that bring memories of 4th of July Fireworks. Green Beans that snap and Peas that roll delicately into your mouth.

Lettuce and spinach that are E-Coli free and tasty. Bell peppers and chili peppers that snap with crispness.

Lemons and Oranges that make your mouth water.

And I build a little roadside stand that will allow me to sell the veggies to passerby who want fresh, healthy foods.

And I eat great foods at home.

I think a business like that would actually do well here. But to start it up would be a phenomenal cost that your average person could not afford.

I do have to admit, the town is dying financially here. Perhaps a business like that could bring a little life back into this town. Not only nutritionally, but maybe with a few extra jobs - and maybe better foods at the restaurants - bringing in more customers.

Ahhhh that three million dollars would have to stretch far.

Did I mention that I would build a small, comfortable ranch home right next to the greenhouse?

I don't need a mansion.

Just something comfortable for the four of us.

Without Burgundy carpets.

Back to work - and my wilted lettuce, I go.

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