Monday, May 7, 2007

Bill Gates Visited me at Work today..

As I was talking on the phone - today, Bill Gates came in and visited me.

I had been researching him online and he wanted to know why I was so interested in him. He felt like perhaps I may be a stalker - until I explained to him about my blog. And he listened patiently - nodding at all the appropriate times.

I, of course, explained that this entire blog, excepting items about my personal life are all fantasy. The rest - like meeting him - him giving me three million dollars... those things are just dreams that make my imagination soar - keeping me alive with inventions and ideas. Not to impress him... but to impress myself.

He looks at me a bit strangely and Bill Gates nods his head slightly and one of his body guards steps forward with a briefcase. Inside the briefcase are stacked 100.00 bills... Just like in the movies.

Bill Gates tells me that if I had said I expected him to give me the money he would have shook my hand and left - but that instead, because I had told him that I was just exercising my imagination - he had decided to pay me to see which of the fantasies I truly followed.

Needless to say - my jaw hit the floor.

I mean - who in their right mind would read a blog full of nonsensical items and actually pay attention to it?

Well... I'm here to tell you.... Bill Gates would.

I still don't know which of my fantasies to follow through on. And I have so many more...

I'm going to ponder on this fantasy for awhile...

Meanwhile - back to work I go.

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