Monday, May 7, 2007

Tonight I'm tired... So Bill Gates - your donation will get me a fluffy bed... without feathers mind you.

Bill Gates, I'm sorry - my imagination isn't running wild right now with the thoughts of you handing me that three million dollars.

I mean - I'd probably just buy myself one of those sleep by numbers beds and curl up in it for a few days... Dreaming... about having energy.

Have you ever had a night where when you slept - you felt more tired that before you actually fell asleep? Well folks, that's me on an hourly basis.

I feel tired... Worn out. Old.

But that Sleep by numbers bed sounds nice.

I know I'm only 4o - but my poor body has been through the ringer the last 8 months. So I'm going to toddle off to my bed...

And you know that thing about dark energy?

Trust me... It's my secret. I may never sell it --- I may never tell anyone about it...

But it's logical.

And somewhere in my distant past before I became a run away... I was labeled a genius. I may not be college educated - but I have a fantastic imagination. And I may not know everything in the world. But I know enough to be logical.

And yeah ---- one day ---- when we're all old.... older than 40, that is.... Someone will remember they read my words (as if anyone is truly reading this - ha ha)... and they WILL remember something about what I said...

And they --- and they alone --- will know that I could have saved the world... LMAO!

How funny.

Anyhow - some of what I say is serious... Things about me. Brutally honest. My fantasies about Bill Gates handing me 3 million bucks... Well --- we can all dream... And you know... Dark Energy... Well - it's logical... and it is... truly is... something I thought up and believe could work - I just don't have the scientific background or labs to make it work. But the Theory... well that's mine.


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